Pub data updates

With 450+ pubs in the Branch area, we can’t possibly check every pub regularly, so are very dependent on our members, and members of the public, to let us know when things change.

This is particularly important since the pandemic, as opening times and beer ranges have often been reduced significantly, and in many cases are now starting to return to something closer to what they were pre-COVID.

If you run or work in a pub, or are a customer, we really appreciate your checking the pub’s WhatPub entry for omissions or errors, especially those regarding opening and food service times, and the beer range.

It’s really easy to find a pub if you’re at the pub (as long as you have internet access of course!). Just click on the Nearby Pubs icon on the search screen:

All feedback will be acknowledged and acted on where possible, generally within a few days, but please allow a week before following up, as we are volunteers!