Other information

Please see The Halls accessibility page for information. If you have any questions with regard to access or have any requirements of reasonable adjustment to make your visit to our festival more enjoyable please contact the organiser.

Beers and Ciders
Over 300 beers and ciders are available during the week. Most of the beers are from the smaller, independent brewers. Not all the beers are available at all sessions, but there is usually a selection of at least 100 beers available at each session. We will have at least two casks of almost all the cask beers, except for the Curiosity Bar beers which are all single-cask. The beers are delivered after the programme goes to print, so we cannot guarantee that every beer listed will be available, and of course some beers may not be saleable, although this is very rare nowadays. The location and status of all beers and ciders is available using the live online beer list, continually updated by the cellar staff.

Souvenir pint and half-pint glasses with the festival logo are available. If these run out towards the end of the week, other glasses will be used instead. Specialist glasses, and glasses from previous festivals will be available on the Products stand. All glasses purchased from the Glasses Stand are refundable in full, but glasses purchased from the Products stand are not refundable.

Full Measures
Norwich Beer Festival uses oversized, lined glasses, ensuring that a full measure is served every time. Lines at the 1/3, 1/2 and full pint mean that you choose how much you want to drink. Please ensure the server knows what measure you would like when you order.

CAMRA Merchandise
The Products stand will have clothing and enamel pins with the festival logo, and a selection of CAMRA books — including the latest Good Beer Guide, if it is published in time!

A CAMRA membership stand is located by the entrance in St. Andrew’s Hall. Entry is free to CAMRA members at all sessions, subject to capacity, but must join the queue. If you join CAMRA at the Festival, your entrance fee will be refunded.

Hot Food
Is available in Blackfriars’ Hall during all sessions, provided by our chosen caterer. There may also be hot and cold food available between the Halls.