Information for breweries

Norwich & District CAMRA are proud of the breweries in our area, and do our best to support them in their quest to provide great live beer to the pubs of Norfolk and the UK. On this page we try to answer questions brewers and breweries may have about what we do.

What does CAMRA do to support breweries?
Indirectly, all the things we do to support pubs also support the breweries they buy from. Directly, we organise Beer of the Year competitions and feature local brewery beers at Norwich Beer Festival. And every brewery in the country is included in Brewery Section of the Good Beer Guide every year.

How do I get my beers into the Norwich Beer Festival?
If you are a Norfolk brewery, and regularly produce cask beer, we will usually order two or more beers from you. However, we can’t guarantee an order every year, and have to take into account other factors such as quality and previous sales. Also please note we will not accept beer in plastic casks.
For breweries outside Norfolk, we usually depend on recommendations from our members, and the knowledge of our beer ordering team. We usually reserve a significant proportion of the order for breweries from East Anglia and the rest of the UK, with an emphasis on smaller, independent breweries.

How do I get my beers into the Beer of the Year competitions?
We run two competitions through the year, Cask Beer of the Year and Bottled Beer of the Year (including canned beer). Full details can be found on our Beer of the Year Competitions page.

How do I correct my brewery’s entry in the Good Beer Guide?
You should have a Brewery Liaison Officer assigned to the brewery, who is responsible for the entry in the GBG, and would be your first point of contact. If you don’t have a BLO, please contact the Brewery Liaison Coordinator for East Anglia via the East Anglia CAMRA website.