Beer Scoring

CAMRA members can score beers using WhatPub or the Good Beer Guide app. Scores are used by the Branch in the selection of pubs for the Good Beer Guide and Pubs of the Year.

Scores range from 0 – 5, as listed below, and should be based on how well the beer has been kept and served in the pub, rather than how much you like the beer – although clearly, those things will be related!

Live beer being a living product, it is inevitable that occasionally you will be served a beer which has turned, or reached the end of the cask. If you return the beer to the bar, and it is replaced and the beer taken off service, please don’t submit a score for it, as this would unfairly reduce the pub’s average score.

If the pub doesn’t serve draught cask ale, please submit this as feedback via WhatPub, or by email to the branch, rather than submitting a zero score.

If the pub currently has no draught cask ale available, but this is only temporary, please don’t submit a zero score.

Description of Scores

  • 0. Please don’t use this – see above for reasoning..
  • 1. Poor. Beer that is anything from barely drinkable to drinkable with considerable resentment.
  • 2. Average. Competently kept, drinkable pint but doesn’t inspire in any way.
  • 3. Good. Good beer in good form..
  • 4. Very Good. Excellent beer in excellent condition.
  • 5. Perfect. Probably the best you are ever likely to find. A seasoned drinker will award this score very rarely.